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Apr 23 '14

could the person currently messaging me on anon please come off anon, if it is possible

i dunno if the facts are being dropped i wanna know where they’re coming from

Apr 23 '14

okay so

in regards to another story going around tumblr

i’ve seen one set of reblogs confirming that it didn’t happen and one set of reblogs confirming that it actually did

the one confirming that it did adds a link mentioning that the story was given by a different person to the guy running the booth

however said link also places anti-semitic bullshit at the end so it’s hardly completely trustworthy

i dunno basically what is the actual consensus regarding what happened there

Apr 22 '14

Anonymous asked:

Sandbag aka sand-filled-scarecrow is a real pos. There is porn art of Marie Anne's son's OC Stellar Eclipse and he is one of many I assume to make porn art of that OC. It's on derpibooru and let me tell you about the comment section: sandbag's a real douche. Gave a half assed apology to the mother who created an account on there asking to take it down, and he said he wouldn't be taking it down because "he put so much effort into them" and some other bs artistic integrity.

yeah ‘artistic integrity’ ends when you do something that’s offensive to/about a real person

Apr 22 '14

Anonymous asked:

It's true, I have seen it myself. It was just two pics, both by the same artist, and he was all "oops my hand slipped!! lol!!!" both times. If you really want to see for yourself, go on Derpibooru and search for Stellar Eclipse with the filters turned off. (don't do this if you don't want to weep for humanity)
Apr 22 '14

Anonymous asked:

Don't believe everything you read on Tumblr. One single person made two images of the character before it was known it was someone's OC. Not "bronies", one guy. One guy that didn't have any idea the character was related to a real person.

for the love of god let that be true

Apr 22 '14

like seriously

i seriously need to know that this is not real

i need to know that this is seriously not real

and that they didn’t do this to the first visibly disabled character on the show

and that they didn’t do this to the character added as part of a request by the make-a-wish foundation

because if it is


then i have no idea

what i’m going to do to the rats who did this

Apr 22 '14






Bronies already made NSFW pictures of Stellar Eclipse, even though Sylvain Portelance, the OC’s creator and VA who has spinal muscular atrophy, and his mother asked people not to do so.

Also, apparently putting that OC on the show, even though it was a simple request from the Make-A-Wish Foundation, is “political bullshit” and has no place in MLP.

I know I usually don’t post such negative stuff on this blog, but holy shit.

destroy bronies

Bronies being absolute shit the never ending story

In case anyone is still unclear an extremely ill child’s wish was for their original My Little Pony character added to the show and a bunch of adult men who get off to badly drawn horse ass got incredibly angry that a children’s cartoon would do something so “social justice flavored” and also angry that the child respectfully asked they hold back on the pornography so they made an extra effort to draw pornography I guess to teach that audacious, selfish child a lesson of some sort

bronies really are the scum of the earth



no. no this has got to be a joke. this has got to be a fucking joke.

nobody could have possibly thought this was okay.


not one person could have possibly considered this concept and then gone through with it.



Apr 22 '14


I don’t know what kind of person you have to be if your first reaction to hearing that Make A Wish granted a kid’s wish to have his character appear on a kid’s show, voiced by him, is to make porn out of it. I mean even if you didn’t know (and it seems pretty well known so idk how you wouldn’t), learning about it is probably a good indication to take that stuff down and, you know, not throw your shit all over something that was supposed to be awesome for him? Your genitals can find other things to make it tingle. That kid will only get an opportunity like this once and I’m very sure he didn’t do it just so that he could log on the next day and see pics of Discord fucking his pony. Your all-important genitals are not that important, actually. Also, things like this are only “bound to happen” because of you and people like you, so don’t act like you have no responsibility here. The world is a dangerous place. You could get run over even if you cross the street at the appropriate light, but the police won’t shrug and say, “Welp, it was bound to happen if you cross the street”. No, the person who did that to you is still responsible.

are you fucking serious

did this seriously happen


Apr 21 '14

Anonymous asked:

Hi, I saw that picture of Twilight Sparkle just now. Is this the first time you've drawn an anthro-styled pony? I think you've got a really nice style for it. If you were considering doing more pictures like that, you totally should!

It’s actually the second one I’ve posted. Pinkie Pie is in the rainbow rocks tag as well.

Oh, thank you! ^-^ There possibly will be more in future! But don’t expect too many of them, as I’m fairly sure I’ll only be doing them when I see an EG oufit I like or like the concept of. They were, after all, designed as a hypothetical alternate concept for EG, and not for any other real purpose. Still, if they do more like that Twilight… :>

Apr 21 '14
i have zero regrets about yesterday

i have zero regrets about yesterday

Apr 21 '14

So you know how bronies started patting themselves on the back recently for changing how McDonald’s refers to its childrens’ toys?


Antonia Ayres-Brown was actually fighting this fight for the last six years, thank you.

Apr 21 '14
I saw an EG dress I liked; I took the chance; I made arts.

I saw an EG dress I liked; I took the chance; I made arts.